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I've been told...
You don't find your new ride. Your new ride finds you. I found mine the day before Thanksgiving. When I get the motivation to bust out the camera you will see her in all her splendorous pewter glory.

In other news Mom came down and we had a few friends over for the first Thanksgiving I've ever hosted, although Mom took immediate command of the kitchen. One huge plus was she has no trouble with everybody sitting around the tv with their plates watching football. Some people are really cryptofascist about that. Anyway it was the best Thanksgiving in quite some time. No. I didn't take any pictures. Kinda wish I did.

Mom's also testing the dating waters again. I'm glad to see her healing. It makes the space Hugh left behind a little easier to fill. So far Mom and Gerald hang out at the toymaker club where Mom makes her dollhouses and sometimes Gerald helps her finish the occasional roof. At this point she's been to his house and they meet up occasionally for coffee. So far they're stuck on coffee. Mom's waiting for him to ask her out for dinner. It went like this:

Me: Why don't you invite him over for dinner?

Mom: Oh, Wes, I don't want to look like I'm throwing myself at him!

Me: How is it throwing yourself at him?

Mom: Well, I don't know... I think he wants to--

Me: Mom just do it already. You swapped emails while you were here with him. He digs you.

Mom: Not yet. I have a lot salmon and, you know, fish in the freezer. He's not big on fish.

Me: Then make him something he likes.

Mom: *blinks*

Me: What?

Mom: Oh geez. I don't know what he likes to eat. I mean we've only had coffee.

Me: You were at his house. Didn't you see any clues in his kitchen?

Mom: Hmmm.. no. No. He just brought out coffee.

Me: So ask him.

Mom: I don't want to look too bold.

Me: Mom, I've known you my entire life. It's way too late for that.

Angsty old folks. They're so cute.
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mercy4u97 From: mercy4u97 Date: December 3rd, 2008 03:07 am (UTC) (Link)
Ha! I love your mom and dont even know her. Glad you had a good thanksgiving.
mashull1971 From: mashull1971 Date: December 3rd, 2008 08:54 am (UTC) (Link)

Hearts the Momulator

She makes dollhouses, too? Is there nothing this woman can't do?

*crawls back into lj hiding space under the stairs*
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