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news and views, plus some venting. - A main circuit cable, plugged into the fetish dreams of white-trash America!
Keep Your Mind Wide Open Just For Me
news and views, plus some venting.
I made a point of it in December to budget with a little more foresight, since I generally don't see my first full paycheck of the new year until the 2nd or 3rd week in january. I doubled up on my bills so i could skip some if necessary in January and still be in good standing. I didn't go to the truckstop titty bar when I was up home like I do every Christmas break, you get the idea. It was a good thing, too.

Something in the rug at my mom's new place gave Jock a nasty rash. At first, the day before I went home, I figured it was probably the dry and the extreme cold, which he was not used to. His skin does tend to get dry at times, even if he's free of fleas. The next day he was scratching and biting so bad he was whimpering and even broke skin on his belly and inner rear thighs. I got him into the vet as soon as I could, got his semiannual knocked out, plus some tests, including a blood screen that I requested. It turned out to be some sort of bacterial infection, and the meds prescribed have been doing the job (2 pills a day to kill the infection, 3 a day for itching). The thing is I walked outta there paying nearly 200 bucks. It was worth it, but damn. Goodbye beer money.

In other news, here's something I'm going to crosspost in childree and cfhardcore.

These two white trash beautiful nibblets decided to clog the lane while I was running a couple miles at my local public track.

Generally as a courteous but noticeable reminder to some, I'll move around anyone who maybe was caught up in their Ipod or woolgathering and pass them to the left in the grass.

Well, the teenager didn't budge even after her mom looked over her shoulder and saw me coming.  All I did when i passed her lambchop on the left was look back at them over my shoulder for a breath before i moved on.  When I was about to lap them again, I saw they were indeed being courteous and using the outside lanes.  Here I'm thinking as I'm jamming to G n' R on my ipod that they got the hint.
Well, Mother Firefly looks over her shoulder and sees me coming and i was still in the innermost lane.  She nudges and gestures to her precious to move right back into my path.  This time I pass on the inside once again, this time glaring back over my shoulder for a couple seconds (making sure there was no one ahead of me beforehand.)  I get the WTF shrug and Mom gives me a dirty look.  My thirty minutes of cardio was almost up so I let it go and our paths didn't cross again as I walked my cooldown lap.  Still, it obviously pissed me off enough to have to vent somewhere.  

I'll probably post a modified version of this at the childfree community at livejournal even though that place is full of overconfident people who wear alternative lifestyles as their only badge of honor, clueless sixteen yearold emo kids, furries, and mouthy wiccans.

Okay... I'm done venting.  I'm going to hit the showers.

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mrushgdi From: mrushgdi Date: January 4th, 2009 09:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
I just LOVE rude people (usually teenage bumps on logs from the skate park) who seem to think they dont have to be courteous to anyone else who might dream of using the jogging trails and paths. Cause, ya know, its their god given RIGHT to make life just that much more difficult for people who are doing what they are supposed to.
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