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Holiday Hoopla has begun - A main circuit cable, plugged into the fetish dreams of white-trash America!
Keep Your Mind Wide Open Just For Me
Holiday Hoopla has begun
I had a few beers with my friend Alex who got laid off this morning. I'm now shitfaced and listening to Taylor Swift.

Now... Am I listening to Taylor Swift because

A)I'm a dirty old man with dark, dank desires
B)Because I'm shitfaced
C)Both A and B
D)Because nothing says to mom that I have my shit together like me having a hangover when she arrives this afternoon.

My girlfriend and my mom are meeting for the first time this Thanksgiving. Honestly I think it will go well but both are stressing out about it and its making me want to reach for the Bacardi. And evidently teen pop masquerading as country music.

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