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I Want to Have Peyton Manning's Love Child - A main circuit cable, plugged into the fetish dreams of white-trash America!
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I Want to Have Peyton Manning's Love Child
I've been bombarding myself with superbowl coverage and I have to say I'm pulling for the Saints a little, although I'm ultimately neutral when my Steelers aren't involved. Both Indianapolis and New Orleans would get something to shout about and be proud of in the wake of dark times, with the Big Easy rebuilding from Katrina in a recession, and Indy trying to find a new economic identity in a region that has historically had trouble generating industry and putting the local masses to work. For sports fans in regions falling on hard times, a world series or superbowl win can be like a lift in the communal shoe. The Steelers won four superbowls and the Pirates won two world series when the steel industry collapsed. Pittsburgh's two most recent superbowls were won in the wake of a recession and high unemployment. That said...

I'm so sick of everyone eating Peyton Manning's ass like he's a golden god. Yes, he's destined for the Hall of Fame for good reason, yes he is the Colts' best qb since Johnny Unitas and Earl Morrall, but come on. Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger have fewer playoff chokes and more rings, and are more clutch. Drew Brees means as much to his franchise in NO that Manning does. Brett Favre took a Viking team that was could have looked forward to maybe 10 wins and a wildcard berth with Tavares Jackson and got them within a field goal of the big one. And now, so I don't have to see grown men practically fantasize on national tv about having sex with Peyton Manning, I'm pulling for the Saints. Besides, the Saints also wear black and gold like my beloved Steelers.

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